We Buy Foreign Coins from Many Countries

We buy coins that are current, clean and redeemable, all other coins we buy by weight. 

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The Importance of Accuracy & Transparency

Getting the best £ yield per kilo from your mixed coin collection

Whilst reviewing rates it is important to consider the role of accuracy & transparency throughout the process, as this can have a major impact on the bottom line, which is the best way to measure your yield.

We welcome you to visit our premises and meet our long serving experienced staff members and to see the service we provide and the fine programming of our machines.

Attractive headline rates can be offered, but regardless of these a mixed coin lot will produce a bottom-line per kilo figure, based not only on the rates per currency, but also on the way the job has been processed and reported. Our systems are organised to account for every coin, if a customer donates a coin, you will be paid for it.

From initial weighing of the mixed coin lot at the point of collection to accurate processing and reporting, by ensuring that every coin is looked at and allocated we believe we can offer a highly competitive solution.

If you would like to try our services on a trial period basis, or to compare us with an existing processor regarding net yields for your mixed coin lots, then please do contact us. We will be pleased to receive your call.

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