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Change Coins change foreign coins for many customers. ChangeCoins help Airlines, Airports, Banks, Bureau de Change, Businesses, Cash Handling Companies, Cash Centres, Charities, Hospitals and Individuals raise money from foreign coins & banknotes. If you have some foreign coins to exchange, or are thinking of running a foreign coin collection you have come to the right place. We have been changing foreign coins for 40 years and with the contacts we have built up most of our coins go back abroad so we can give you great rates for your foreign coin collection in the UK. We pay for foreign coins from many countries. We have tailored processes for different clients and we are familiar with the needs of particular sectors. You can read a bit about how the process is suited to specific clients requirements on the page links to the right.


Change Coins use the fastest machines available to sort foreign coins and they are set up to sort by country so mixed batches of foreign coins are no problem. Our machines can sort one million coins in one day which assists us to change your foreign coins quickly. We also sort out collectable coins from your collection and we pay for these separately, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible value. Staff verify all coins so you can be sure your listing is accurate. Our reputation, online and otherwise, is very important to us, so we have many procedures in place to ensure we produce accurate listings.


We transport coins by vehicle and by courier and we can arrange a collection for you at your convenience. When using our courier system to collect your foreign coins, we provide all the packaging. We have forklifts and vehicles that can move higher tonnages so can accommodate your larger loads of foreign coins.

For more information please visit our specific sector pages or contact us to change your foreign coins.