Foreign Coins & Banknotes

Our extensive network of financial contacts throughout the world enables us to buy a comprehensive range of foreign coins and banknotes, at competitive rates. For our customers, this means we can extract the best value from their collections and offer them the convenience of a genuine ‘one stop shop’ for their currency conversion.

Browse through the details below and contact us today to find out how we can help you to convert your foreign coins and banknotes.

Coins We Buy

We buy current, clean and some redeemable foreign coins, sorted or unsorted, from many countries. We buy them in large tonnage quantities down to a minimum of 25kg. Very low denomination coins aren’t economical to return to their country of origin. They are removed from collections along with any worthless coins during the sorting process. See our coin updates.


We pay for world currency foreign banknotes collected as part of your currency collection. Banknotes can be clean, current, redeemable or soiled. We also buy banknotes with a collectable value when they are included as part of a currency collection. We buy banknotes with a face value of 7p and over. See banknote updates here.

Coin Image Directory - Coming soon

This directory shows images of all the foreign coins we buy that are current or redeemable. These pages are under construction so please check back soon for more countries.

Collectable Coins

We buy collectable coins if they are part of a general currency collection. We have a collectables expert with fifty year’s experience of identifying old coins. If your collection includes any gold, silver or collectable coins, these will be included in our listing.


If you are looking for a valuation for the occasional collectable coin or banknote, or just a handful of coins, we would suggest looking through the currency auctions on eBay as they can be helpful in providing market values.

What to do with small volumes of coins

Courier charges for transporting small volumes of foreign coin can outweigh the value you will receive for them. Some people choose to donate their coins to charity through local collections or charity shops, or at airports and through airlines. You may have coin dealers local to you who will pay for small volumes. You can sell current, collectable or old coins on Ebay. At Your Service

Please use our contact form or call us on 01454 801522 if you have any queries or if you would like a competitive quote for your currency collection.