We Change Bulk Foreign Coins 
and Banknotes


Helping businesses and charities to raise money from foreign coins and banknotes

Change Coins pay charities, airlines & airports, public transport companies, banks, businesses, hospitals and clubs for their bulk foreign coins and banknotes.

About Us:

Change Coins are a UK based company providing foreign currency exchange & coin exchange services to UK and international customers. We have been in the currency exchange business since the 1970’s and are well trusted in the industry at home and abroad.

Foreign Coins

We change foreign coins from many countries around the world and return them to their countries of origin

Collectable & Valuable Coins

Change Coins have years of experience in the area of collectable coins, and will check your foreign coin consignment thoroughly for any gold coins, silver coins, and collectable coins.

Foreign Banknotes

Change Coins exchange foreign banknotes from many countries around the world collected as part of your coin collection.

Quality Control

We operate a well-established quality system which has earned us a proven track record for consistent accuracy within the industry.

If you need a professional business partner to exchange foreign coins and banknotes

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Sectors we serve:

Airlines and Airports

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Change Coins make regular collections of mixed foreign coins from airports. We have been exchanging foreign coins into cash for…

Our Services for Hospitals

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Change Coins have been exchanging coins for UK hospitals for around 30 years. We can give you strong rates to…

Banks and Bureaux de Change

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Change Coins are a trusted international customer of banks around the world. Please contact us to discuss the foreign coin…

Our Services for Businesses & Coin Dealers

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Change Coins pay strong rates for your foreign coins and banknotes. Contact us with your location and the volume you…

Cash Handling Companies / Cash Centres

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Change Coins change foreign coins for cash handling companies around the world. As foreign coin handlers we understand the way…

Our Services for Charities

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Change Coins pay great rates for your foreign coin and banknote collection. Contact us with your location and the volume…

What you get from Change Coins:

Accurate listings of your foreign coins

Change Coins pay strong rates for foreign coin exchange and to exchange banknotes. Buying and processing large volumes of foreign currency together with relationships with foreign contacts allows Change Coins to offer you great rates for foreign coin exchange.

Please contact us to ask about Change Coin rates. Just give us a brief description of what foreign coins or banknotes you wish to sell. Your foreign coins are easy to exchange with Change Coins, we collect coins and banknotes by vehicle or courier providing all the packaging and labels.

Banks do not change foreign coins, whether they are current or redeemable, and there are many redeemable foreign banknotes they cannot change. Bureau de Change also do not change foreign coins. Change Coins have been exchanging foreign coins into funding for over 40 years, including redeemable currency. We buy foreign coins from many countries and we buy foreign banknotes including redeemable banknotes. 


We offer a fast and easy service

How to exchange your foreign coins – it couldn’t be more simple. Just follow the four easy steps on our Process Page and let us take care of the rest. We collect from 25 kg to many tonnes of foreign coin throughout the UK, including highlands and islands, and from mainland Europe for large volume shipments. We process the foreign coins and banknotes in house and pay the proceeds directly into your nominated bank account.

We can collect foreign coins from France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, you get the picture.

ChangeCoins.com At Your Service

Please use our contact form or call us on 01454 801522 if you have any queries or if you would like a competitive quote for the exchange of your foreign coin and banknote collection.

Our clients include:


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